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Module Topics:

1) Neuron to Nervous System:
Starting with the history of discoveries in Neuroscience, this module will briefly review cytoarchitecture of the central nervous system, in particular, neurons, glia, and associated structures such as myelin. The general neuroanatomy of the brain, and arrangement of the motor and the sensory systems will then be overviewed.

2) The Chatting Neurons:
The ultimate basis of brain function is the communication between the neurons. In this regard, basic principles of membrane potential, action potential, synapses, neurotransmitters and their receptors will be reviewed.

3) Deep in the Brain:
Going deeper than the cortical surface of the brain reveals an extremely intricate structure that performs very complex functions, naively referred to as “feedback” and “relays”. The complexities of these structures and how they function will be presented in a very simplified manner.

4) Understanding Memory, Behavior and Emotions:
You don’t need a brain to have memory; even a synapse has memory. In this module we will explore what we have learned from invertebrates and simpler systems about memory. Similarly a summary of the anatomical and physiological correlates of behavior and emotions will be discussed.

5) The Amazing Story of Brain Development:
From a simple layer of cells in an early embryo to a complex brain that can comprehend, conquer and create is an amazing story. How this feat is achieved, always perfectly (well, almost), will be the synopsis of this module.

6) What is Special about the Human Brain:
Cognition, language and consciousness. These are the functions of the human brain that make it unique. Clinical neuroscience and experiments on mammalian brain has given us some information to start to fathom the neuroanatomical and neurophysiological basis of these functions. This will be presented in a nutshell here.







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